Benefits of Royal Jelly in Health

Published: 04th April 2011
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Nowadays, the use of royal jelly is increasing because of its miraculous effects to humans. There are many benefits of royal jelly because it can be used for a variety of treatments. Currently it is used and recommended by most physicians in the US, China, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, England, and Russia as treatment of many diseases, infection or illness.

Before, we begin discussing the benefits, let us know first what is a royal jelly? How is it produced? Actually, royal jelly is a product substance that is released by worker bees that is used to feed larvae and the queen bee in their hive. A queen bee is the leader in the colony and is the only one allowed to reproduce. During her entire life, she get fertilized for just few times. The worker bees are responsible for collecting nectar from the flowers and they are able to excrete a creamy special food from the glands of their head. This is the only food that makes the queen bee survives. When their eggs turn into larvae, the baby bees also eat this special food, a.ka. royal jelly for 2-3 days. From this stage, they quickly grow into healthy and large bees. This special food is very powerful, rich, and nutritious to bees. People have thought that it will offer same benefits to them so they begun harvesting royal jelly from bee hives for consumption.

Now, royal jelly have been proven to have a positive results in curing or healing different illness or conditions. Do you know that royal jelly can be used as treatment for high cholesterol, arthritis, weak kidneys, fatigue, nervousness, sallow or rashy skin, thin or brittle hair, high blood pressure, allergies, and sexual dysfunction.

Royal jelly is very nutritious substance and has the good properties of being a creamy mixture that is really antibacterial. So, it is a perfect component for skin care or cosmetic products. Furthermore, it has been tested that royal jelly can also be used for medicinal purposes. There are products that cures chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney problems, liver disease, insomnia, pancreatitis, stomach ulcers, and skin disorders

Other benefits of royal jelly is to adds appetite and enthusiasm, slow down aging, increase life span, speed up healing process and intensify the immune system. It has also antibiotic and antiviral properties. Some testified that this royal jelly can cure Parkinsonís disease and other nervous disorders, arthritis and sexual disorders. Royal jelly has been clinically tested to heal asthma, depressed immune system, insomnia, fatigue and ulcers.

Because of its usefulness in humans health, it has been sold in the market. It can bought at health-food stores and even in the internet in a soft-gel capsules. Do you know that royal jelly has been added as moisturizing agent to many conditioners and shampoos.

Furthermore, many herbalist proves that royal jelly really slows down the aging process as it erases facial blemishes, wrinkles nourishes our skin. There are many cases that royal jelly successfully treats depression, fatigue, restores from illness and prevents even premature senility. You know what? This also improve sexual performance specially for males.

Although, it has been proven that there many benefits of royal jelly, in medication or treatment of different diseases or illness A very important point to consider before you begin a using royal jelly as treatment or increase vitality, you must know that it may cause allergic reactions to you. So, is it very essential to consult your doctor for an allergy test to know if you are allergic to bee products or not. Just remember, prevention is better than cure. But so much for that, we can say that royal jelly is really works wonders for us!

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